nervous conditions

Saturday, January 24, 2009

hand-held mirror in the garage

my hair grows so fast i have to cut it every month. i used to go to places to cut it but the girl left and the place wouldn't tell me where. i got it cut once at a hip/shit place across the transit center for 5x i usually pay and discovered it was still the same. but now my fave coiffeur is gone and i don't feel like spending $3 for the bus if she's not there. so i wait for the garage to be empty during the day and cut it myself. different geometric shapes form on the back of my head but it's all good.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Eulogy (noun): spoken or written praise, usually for the recently deceased.

The Minister read the Eulogy; it was succinct and reflective of Drew.

the commons

today some stranger came to sit next to us and asked cleare if he could live with her fam. but what was more strange was that he then sneezed white shit into our salades and then flew away like a discus.

we went home and sat around the living room and shouted DAMNNN at anyone who came to get mail and then hid.

oh and these kids came to use our mattresses - we thought they were going to steal our valuables (granola, violin, etc) - cleare's lips even turned blue. but they were pretty chill. they told us we could visit their town - so we took a 45 min train ride there but couldn't find their house. oh well must've missed it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

c's new love



Malaise: a vague feeling, sense, of discomfort, indicating the onset of illness. a general sense of depression.

Both presidential candidates stated that the United States was simply experiencing a natural flux in the market. Recently, however, both candidates recognized that the economy is in a deep malaise.

Oblique: indirect, evasive, circuitous

Politicians are notorious for providing oblique responses.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

one year ago

a year ago today, i had my first day of class of my last fall quarter at sb. i had world agriculture at 9:30am and grammar and style at 11:00am. the first face i saw as i walked up the arts lecture hall after a long summer was a friend's. i would always sit in the back to people-watch in that class. then i would bike away on the loop but slowly so i could match up the bikes parked outside to the faces i watched inside. i did that everyday until it became cold in the mornings. and i sit here today and wait for the pacific winds to let me know it's winter again. but i have a feel that it'll never be cold in the mornings here.


Corn Chowder Sin Bacon.